Hooray! It's a Unicorn Celebration!

Hooray! It's a Unicorn Celebration!

The party every little girl dreams of. It's pink, it's sparkly and it's UNICORN! For Bailey's 6th birthday, we created this special look for her special day. Pink memories are being made! 💖💖💖

So let's start at the very beginning! When planning a unicorn party, you can go for the all printed, unicorns everywhere look- or a more sophisticated and stylish unicorn bash.

We chose to go for the chic look, and kept the unicorn motif simple!

 Starting with the place setting, we used these gorgeous iridescent plates as our base. On top of that, we chose these super cool marble pink plates, to bring in all those beautiful unicorn colors- pink, coral and blue!



Now, napkins and cutlery of course! 

Wanting to bring in LOTS of pink (which is the birthday girl's favorite color!) we stuck with solid pink napkins, and matching pink cutlery. For the cups, we definitely needed to bring in unicorn, and these adorable iridescent unicorn cups were the perfect choice!


What's a party without cake?! Every celebration needs a cake, especially a unicorn one!

Using this super special unicorn keepsake cake topper, it transforms a regular sprinkle birthday cake into a cake fit for a unicorn dream party! It's the best party hack EVER. When a custom cake is unavailable or out of budget, a cake topper creates that special added touch. Plus, after the party is over and the cake is gone down to the very last slice... little Uni can be repurposed into the sweetest little Christmas ornament. You'll have a little piece of this special moment forever.


...and that's a wrap! Thanks for celebrating with us guys, it's be so fun!




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