Bringing a bit of France home. How to create the picture perfect party (it's that easy!)

Bringing a bit of France home. How to create the picture perfect party (it's that easy!)
When planning a party, things can get overwhelming and stressful. Often you'll have loads of photo inspiration featuring dream parties from all around the world, leaving you at loose ends at where to start!
Even after hours of hunting down every last item you'll need, shipping from various sites and stores from all around the globe isn't practical-  Believe me, I've been there! You've found the perfect tray, but it's from the Netherlands and takes 3-4 weeks to arrive, or the perfect centerpiece decor - but they aren't shipping for the next few weeks.
To keep you (and your sanity!) together, we're breaking down that process into a few simple steps.
Let's start with this beautiful paper goods set.
Using the French Floral Collection, we are bringing Southern France vibes (think a mismatched stone terrace, bloom filled planters and endless blue, blue skies) to the table.
After putting out the matching plates, napkins and cups, we are using this beautiful plastic gold cutlery to complete each setting.
We also added these beautiful floral pattern acrylic tumblers to each place setting. They match the pitcher in the center of the table, which we filled with freshly squeezed lemonade and a few slices of lemon to complete the effect. 
By adding these multi-faceted blue tones, it really upped the party to a whole new dimension.
Pro tip: Mix and match with disposable vs re-useable party decor. That will give you that special look without investing in expensive dinnerware and glassware.
Now, we can't forget about florals! We chose hydrangeas (picked them up at our local market) - but you can use any flower you'd like!
Pro tip: To keep the flow of the table, choose neutral and soft blooms- think white tulips, baby blue buds....
Changing up these White Jars, we are repurposing them as vases, since they matched so perfectly.
Finishing Touches:
To add bits of color and dimension, add multiple level dessert stands throughout your table.  We used these absolutely beautiful three tier  and two tier trays filling them with lemon bark, mini macarons and chocolate truffles- again, keeping to that natural, French vibe.
You can also slice your favorite pie and place a piece on each persons plate.
Pro tip: by adding naturally hued desserts (think apple, cherry or lemon!) it brings little pops of color without completely overtaking the decor.
And thats a wrap!
You've just brought a bit of French paradise to your own backyard.
Now let's party!
xx Allison

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Diane Dyson June 28 2020

Such a stunning look! I can’t wait to use this style for my next party. Thanks for sharing ❤️

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